Christmas is coming

Christmas and the new seasons fashions are the only elements of winter I enjoy. Fact. I honestly believe that I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). There is such a difference in my mood between summer and winter its frightening.

I’m so excited for Christmas this year. I’ve always loved Christmas but this year I’ve been acting like an over zealous child. I think my over-excitement is largely to do with the fact I’ve been home-working since mid-November and feeling that I’ve ‘missed out’ on Glasgow’s seasonal cheer.

I put my Christmas tree up in the last week of November. Now I know this is ridiculously early and some people are no doubt recoiling in disgust at the very thought. But it was important for me to inject a bit of Christmas spirit into my own surroundings when I’ve been spending so much time at home.

Christmas is such an exciting, magical experience and even though it’s usually miserable outside there’s a common sense of joy. I love to see Glasgow embrace the Christmas spirit with the lights, ice skating and festivities at George Square and the Christmas Markets in Argyll Street.

For me, Christmas brings about a fond nostalgia – memories of going to see the lights at George Square, Christmas shopping, singing Christmas songs, going to Christmas eve pantomimes with my Gran, Christmas parties and of course the party outfit. But there’s nothing quite like the feeling of Christmas day, when the world bunkers down to spend time with loved ones, exchanging gifts and eating and drinking so much you could burst. It’s also the one day of the year that its acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast and not feel like a guzzle beast for doing so.

It’s funny how Christmas feels different as you age. When I was young it was all about Santa, presents and playing! When I was a teenager and twenty-something it was all about drunken Christmas Eve parties. Now, I love nothing more than decorating the tree, choosing gifts, wrapping presents and spending time with loved ones.

I’m especially proud of my tree this year. Its beautiful, if I dare say so myself. I’d describe my home Christmas style this year as a mix between heritage and scandi-cool. I’ve got an interesting collection of cute Christmas decorations in shades of red and gold, with loads of multi-coloured lights. Here’s a picture of my tree and other festive decorations below. Can you see my trendy tartan bows and red-breasted robins?


Love these sparkly thistles from M&S!

Love these sparkly thistles from M&S!




I must admit, I do feel a sense of anti-climax when its time for the decorations to come down. The tree and decorations make my home come to life. I think it would be lovely if we embraced decorated trees throughout the year; changing the style dependent on the season. What do you think?