Topshop Gold Foil Velvet Leggings

I was lucky enough to snap up a pair of these beauties from Topshop last week before they sold out! At only £28.00, they are very reasonably priced and a major statement piece.

I love how they have a velvet feel and a metallic foil look. I’m saving them to wear for my Christmas day outfit but they keep catching my eye, glistening in my wardrobe whenever I open it, tempting me to wear them. They are so funky and sparkly. I must admit, its taking lots of self-control to save them for Christmas Day.

I think these are a fabulous alternative to a dress or skirt and top combination for the festive season. Despite being rather glitzy, they can also be dressed down with a chunky jumper, oversize t-shirt or tunic.

I’ll be wearing these with a cream chunky jumper and my new Christmas boots for my Christmas day outfit. What will you be wearing this Christmas?

Gold Foil Leggings - Topshop. Photo Credit: Topshsop

Gold Foil Leggings – Topshop. Photo Credit: Topshsop

Photo Credit - Topshop

Photo Credit – Topshop


Finding the perfect wedding dress

So I booked my wedding yesterday.  I’m getting married one year today!  I’m excited and a little scared about the lack of savings and preparations I have made.  Whoops! So it’s undoubtedly going to be a busy, exciting,  stressful, and skint year ahead.  But it will all be worth it in the end eh?

I gathered my nearest and dearest a few weeks back and we went to the Scottish Wedding Show at the SECC in Glasgow. To say it was overwhelming is a major understatement. I didn’t have a clue where to begin, which stalls I’d been to, who I’d been speaking to etc. What did grab my attention however was the number of dresses on display and their exclusive price tags.

Typical Katie, I adore all of the dresses which are priced unfortunately way above my budget. I saw some gorgeous, elegant dresses by the likes of Joyce Young, and Sarah Louise Bridal. I’ve also been wasting a ridiculous amount of time pouring over Jenny Packham’s beautiful bridal collection which is way beyond what I can reasonably afford.

So I’ve been deliberating over whether I can find a nice enough sample dress from one of the key players, second-hand designer dress in excellent condition, have my dress made similar to designs I love by a talented dressmaker, or lastly buy an affordable dress online. I know I definitely don’t want a dress from the high-street. But I have concerns about all of the other options above.

  • Have you or anyone you know, ever bought a sample dress? If so, what advice could you offer me?
  • Have you or anyone you know, ever bought a second-hand designer dress? If so, what websites would you recommend? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated too 🙂
  • Can anybody recommend a reasonably priced dressmaker based in the UK with an interest in bridal-wear?
  • Has anyone ever bought an affordable dress online?  Can you recommend any particular websites?

I’d love to hear about your experiences finding your dress for your wedding day.  Please get in touch if you can offer me any advice about finding the perfect dress.

L’oreal collection privee by Cheryl

Absolutely loving the new ‘collection privee’ range by L’oreal. I chose Cheryl’s nude as her skin tone is closest to mine, plus it looks awesome with my sardinian tan!

There are also shades by Eva, Freida, Doutzen, Julianne and Liya.

It’s a lovely delicate pink/ brown shade that’s perfect for day and work make-up looks.

For under £10 a piece it offers excellent value for money and has good lasting power for a high-street brand. With some lipcote over it, its set to last for hours.

The packaging is great, in a really smart black and gold case. The scent is amazing too, I actually have to stop myself from licking it off my lips! Highly recommended girls, I’d give it 8 out of 10.