Rest in peace, Peaches

The media frenzy surrounding Peaches Geldof’s untimely and heartbreaking death has prompted me to write my own feelings on the matter.  Even though I didn’t know Peaches – her death upset me and I couldn’t help but pour over the news articles in the days after her passing, keen to learn how this harrowing story would unfold. Perhaps it was because of the tragedy she had endured during her short life. I couldn’t possibly imagine the feeling of losing a parent and having to deal with it so publicly.

I find it so upsetting to read scathing comments about her drug use. In my eyes, it makes no difference how she died. She lost her life too young. Her poor family and husband have lost their Peaches and her sons will grow up without their Mother. I think its awful that people have such little regard, understanding and sympathy surrounding her death since it emerged that heroin was found in her system and is likely to have played a part in her death. Of course it’s not an ideal scenario for a Mother to be using heroin – or anyone for that matter. However, people do not know to what extent she had been using drugs prior to her death and what led her to do so. No one knows what was going through her poor mind in the time leading to her death. I’m sure that no one makes the decision to take a deadly drug like heroin lightly – especially when her own Mother died from an accidental overdose.

Peaches was a complete stranger to me but it was apparent she was troubled, she spoke candidly in interviews of feeling lost and chaotic before her children were born. Personally, I think her dramatic weight loss and extremely thin frame were a sure sign that she was not happy. She was beautiful but looked like a different person entirely in recent years. I simply don’t understand how people can shift their sympathy surrounding the loss of life depending on the circumstances. I’m not condoning drug use and certainly wouldn’t advocate the use of heroin. But I simply can’t understand how people can feel less sad or have less sympathy over her death because it may have been drug-related, than if it were because of an eating disorder for example. This also reinforces that heroin is a major problem throughout society – it’s not class specific. Plenty of rich and clever people take it too. Unfortunately it claims lives.

What matters is that a beautiful, talented and young woman died. I just can’t understand why people would write horrible comments across social media especially when so little is known. The inquest has not concluded, yet people are quick to jump to conclusions about her and attack her character. Just imagine if that was your sister, daughter, husband, mother or friend – how would you feel reading these things about your loved one? I hope her family, husband and two sons can be allowed time to now grieve privately. May your poor soul rest in peace, Peaches.