Christmas came early…

You may have gathered from my last post that I am really excited about Christmas this year.  Well, I could hardly contain myself when Jamie suggested buying me a Puppy for Christmas.  Resembling a dog after a bone myself, I was pouring over the internet trying desperately to secure my Puppy before Christmas.  To my surprise we found the gorgeous Milo.  We found Milo for sale on Gumtree of all places and went to collect him on Saturday morning.  I fell in love with him instantly and as far as I can tell, the feeling is entirely mutual.  He’s nine and a half months old and is a cross between a Collie and a Husky.  He’s such a handsome wee guy and I look forward to many happy years to come with him.  I’ve not been able to stop smiling since we met him on Saturday.  He’s even had me up out of bed before 7am for walks along the canal. Apparently people who have dogs are happier too, so here’s hoping my SAD symptoms disappear for good. Theres also the added fitness benefits of owning a dog, so I’m cancelling my gym membership. Sorry Virgin.