MAC Ruby Woo Review

Red Lipstick lovers should take note of the amazing Ruby Woo shade by MAC – it’s simply stunning.  I thought I had found my number one red lipstick last summer, when I discovered MACs Lady Danger.  But then I found Ruby Woo and thought ‘woo hoo’ – now I have two favourite red lipstick shades.

(Photo Credit - MAC Cosmetics)

(Photo Credit – MAC Cosmetics)


Ruby Woo is a deep red, plum-like hue.  It’s a cool, blue-based red that is screaming with sophistication.  This shade is best for those with cool or neutral colouring.    Like with any other red lipstick – I need to wear a good base to get away with this shade.  Red lipstick as well as other bright shades, tend to highlight skin imperfections on my face.  So its essential to have a good base of concealer and foundation on to hide it all!  I love wearing this shade with smudged dark brown kohl on my upper lids with lashings of black mascara and some pink blush on my cheeks.   It’s a simple and classic look that never dates – perfect for winter.


Personally, I think MAC do it best when it comes to lipstick.  Not only do they offer a range of amazing and vibrant colours, they also offer a range of different textures and finishes.  I prefer a matte finish when it comes to red lips – I think the colour last longer.  The only disadvantage I find with matte lipstick is that it can dry your lips out so be mindful to look after your lips with regular scrubs and balm to keep them in luscious condition and looking lovely!

L’oreal collection privee by Cheryl

Absolutely loving the new ‘collection privee’ range by L’oreal. I chose Cheryl’s nude as her skin tone is closest to mine, plus it looks awesome with my sardinian tan!

There are also shades by Eva, Freida, Doutzen, Julianne and Liya.

It’s a lovely delicate pink/ brown shade that’s perfect for day and work make-up looks.

For under £10 a piece it offers excellent value for money and has good lasting power for a high-street brand. With some lipcote over it, its set to last for hours.

The packaging is great, in a really smart black and gold case. The scent is amazing too, I actually have to stop myself from licking it off my lips! Highly recommended girls, I’d give it 8 out of 10.


MAC Lady Danger Review

I reference this lipstick on so many occasions I thought it might be useful to do a review on the product. Mac Lady Danger has been my lipstick of choice all summer long, except for the days where it hasn’t matched with my outfit of-course. This lipstick suits everyone.  My sisters and I have different complexions and colouring, yet we all suit this amazing shade.  Here’s a photo of us on holiday in Spain earlier this summer, all wearing it.  


The bold, red-orange hue makes your teeth look incredibly white and it really brightens up your whole face. I love the matte texture and how it feels so creamy on your lips. I even love the smell.

One word of advice though girls, a flawless complexion is a must for this shade. It has the tendency to highlight imperfections on your face because of the bright colour. Therefore, I always make sure I have some good foundation, concealer and blush on to compliment my lips.

Many would argue this shade is too bright to wear with done eyes. I disagree. I love it with some flicked eyeliner for a Hollywood-inspired glamorous look. At only £15, it’s a bargain and a make-up bag staple that will carry you through the seasons.


Neil and Nicole’s Nuptials


On Friday 3rd May 2013 I had the absolute pleasure of sharing my good friends Neil and Nicole’s wedding day. It was wonderful to share their special day not only as they are great friends, but they live in the Gold Coast of Australia and we rarely get the opportunity to see each other. I’m so happy they decided to get married in Scotland, and that we could all be included in the celebrations.

Neil met Nicole in Australia when he was off on his travels after finishing University. They fell in love very quickly, and before we knew it Neil and Nicole were living together back in the UK. Nicole spent two years living here before they decided to head back to Australia and set up home there. I don’t blame them; the Scottish climate is progressively worsening every year! Maybe Jamie and I should follow suit…

The wedding ceremony took place at New Kilpatrick Parish Church in Bearsden and the reception after was at Oran Mor, in Glasgow’s trendy West End. I woke up that morning and looked outside, praying the weather would be good for them to have some nice photos in the Botanic Gardens. Well you would have never have guessed it was May. Historically we have enjoyed really good weather in May; admittedly the last few years have been slightly unpredictable but it was awful. It was blustery, cold, miserable, wet, and windy. Neil and Nicole didn’t seem to care much however. I love that about them; they are so relaxed and easy-going. Nicole said that she can have pictures outside anytime in Australia, but could never have such wonderful photographs in such a beautiful and historic building back home.

So even though the weather was drab, the day was beautiful, bright and brilliant. Nicole looked absolutely gorgeous. She wore a stunning white strapless gown, with the prettiest detail at the empire line, and pleats in the skirt. Her hair and make-up were perfect too. And Neil just looked so handsome and smart, with his Kilt and Tweed jacket. I’ve never seen them look so happy and it’s clear that they are blissfully in love. It was wonderful to meet Nicole’s family and friends all the way from Australia, and Japan. It was such a fun-filled day with laughter and smiles galore. There were a fantastic fusion of cultures from the Scottish wedding venue, food and ceilidh dancing, to Australian banter and traditional Japanese dancing.

Thank you Neil and Nicole for the most wonderful day, and I wish you a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness. You also gave me a lot of inspiration for our wedding, and I loved the venue so much we’ve decided to have ours at Oran Mor too! The staff were plentiful and so attentive, food was great, and the building itself is just so hard to beat for beauty.

I decided on a cobalt blue seam waist shift dress dress from Topshop, tan wedges and my tan Modalu Tote bag, with accessories from Accessorize.

Here are some photographs of their beautiful day. Images courtesy of John Barwood Photography. The photographers were amazing and captured some really wonderful moments of happiness and love.








MAC Powerpoint Eyepencil

On Monday lunch-time I went on a make-up hunt to find a new eye pencil to update my spring make-up look.  I can be a terrible creature of habit when it comes to make-up.  I’m known to enjoy a smoky brown or grey eye, with lashings of mascara and liner but I’m not the bravest at approaching new colours.  I suppose I’ve found a make-up style that suits me and which I feel comfortable in, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t experiment with different looks; and its good to break boundaries every once in a while!  I have been really inspired by some of the key spring colours, and am a huge fan of sixties style so decided on a beautiful pencil from MAC.  It’s from the Powerpoint range in the most beautiful navy blue colour called Prussian.  The colour of the pencil is deep, dark and bright. Although its soft and doesn’t result in the harsh effect that black eyeliner often creates. The pencil looks great worn with eye-shadow and equally good on its own smudged in for a more relaxed look. I love how easily it glides across my eyelids. It has amazing staying power and genuinely does last all day. I’ll be investing in this pencil in a few shades, it’s definitely worth it.

MAC PowerPoint Eye Pencil in Prussian

I’ve been wearing it on top of my Chanel Ombre Essential eyeshadow in Fauve (90), with nicely defined and volumised lashes.  It looks great with a flawless complexion, and peachy/ pink blush.  I have been mixing my Chanel Tweed Brun Rose with my Boots No. 7 limited edition Ballerina blusher to create the perfect shade, plus it saves me on buying a new blusher!  Then I complete the look with a slick of MAC matte lipstick in ‘Pink Plaid’.  This eye make-up would look amazing with coral lips and cheeks too.  I really like this colour scheme on my eyes, it suits my colouring and makes my eyes really pop. 

Manicure Mania Spring 2013 Nails Inc London

I love a manicured set of nails. It looks so much better than plain nails, and definitely makes my engagement ring stand out and sparkle more.  Plus polished nails just make my hands look so much nicer.  I know that nail art is huge right now, but its just not my thing.  I’m more classic, and prefer to stick to one colour on my nails, and perhaps a bit of glitter for the odd occasion!  

Here’s some of my favourite shades and brands for Spring 2013 nails!  You can buy 10 shades, pick and mix for £65.00 on their website

In keeping with the pink spring 2013 colour trend, I love these shades from Nails Inc London. 

Nails Inc London, China Town Polish.



Nails Inc London, Shoreditch.



Nails Inc London, Portobello Polish.



Nails Inc London, Notting Hill Gate Polish.



I also love this range of blue shades.

Nails Inc London, Baker Street Polish.



Nails Inc London, Serpentine Road Polish.



Nails Inc London, Kensington Park Road Polish.



Nails Inc London, Hammersmith 3D Glitter Polish.



Nails Inc London, Sloane Gardens Nail Polish.


Pretty in Pink


Blush like a Ballerina in this beautiful pink, limited edition blusher from No. 7 Boots.  Admittedly, I am a bit of a make-up snob, but I must say No. 7 is a really good high-street alternative to exclusive brands.  Of course I will always stay loyal to Chanel and Mac, my two favourite’s, but my purse was a bit light when I went shopping for some new spring make-up last week, and so I had to find some alternatives.  I was surprised at how well the blusher applied, and it feels really light and silky on my skin.  Its a really soft shade, but you can increase the colour intensity by applying more.  I’ve not had it off since I bought it last week. and have been wearing it with a dewy complexion, brown smoky eyes (I find black way too harsh next to my hair), fluttering lashes, and a lovely new shade of pink lipstick from No. 7 called Waterlilly (below).  It’s really moisturizing  and actually lasts for ages.  I love my new spring sixties make-up look, which is great for day and night!