Models Against Bullying

Models Against Bullying (MAB) are hosting the first silent auction, art exhibition, and runway show to raise funds for the BGBC. It’s a fantastic way to highlight bullying, whilst also raising funds for an amazing project based in Boston, which supports children and young adults.  The campaign was launched only a few months ago, yet has generated great awareness and support already. MAB has gone viral, gaining an international army of keen followers including, top models, actors/ actresses, musicians and more. Already they have gained in excess of 500 likes on Facebook, and incredible support through other social media channels.

MAB have brought a true sense of reality to project, featuring a selection of models who have all been victims of bullying. The brave models have shared their personal experiences about bullying, with the aim of helping others to reach out, and highlight awareness of the issue. Bullying can happen to anyone; the models of MAB confirm this. Check out the MAB Facebook page to read their stories. It also demonstrates how you can recover from these experiences, and beat the bullies. It’s really refreshing to see these models promoting such a positive message. Especially when many might make the assumption that models wouldn't be the objects of bullying. Here’s some photographs from the shoot that took place!

Katherine fro MAB (1) Image credit: Model Katherine Beltran

Katherine and Megan Image credit: Model Katherine Beltran,
MUA Caitlin Plumpton of Chillspa in Machester, NH & Andover, MA.

Janna and Katherine for MAB Image credit: Model: Janna Ahmetjanova & Model: Katherine Beltran.

Bullying can be defined as, repeated behaviour towards an individual which is intended to cause harm, intimidation or upset. It can be emotional and physical, presented in many different forms. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, and has the potential to really damage lives. There's a clear relationship between mental health and bullying, given that it has the potential to weaken confidence, lower self-esteem, and torment those affected. Suicide has also been linked to bullying. It trickles down and impacts on every area of an individual’s life, from health, and relationships to academic performance and careers. Don't let the bullies defeat you. But if you can't confront your bully, it’s really important to seek help and talk to someone you trust. Don't suffer alone, you're too important.

John Pham, founder of ModXchange has partnered with MAB, to take the campaign to the west coast. The same event will be hosted in LA, California to raise more awareness and support of the cause. Sponsors of the campaign include Angela Ivana (Make-Up Artist), The Perfect Game in Worcester, MA, and Ortega Jewellery Designs. I'm energised and excited by this project, and keen to see how it develops. If you want to show your support or learn more, visit their Facebook page.


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