Happy Holidays

It’s been a busy few weeks with turning 30 and all the birthday celebrations before jetting off on holiday for two weeks in the sun. I’m just back from Spain with my fiancé, my sisters, and their boyfriends. We stayed in a traditional Spanish style house, Finca Alexandra set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, in between the towns of Coin and Alhaurin El Grande. It was a lovely house, completely rural and private, with its own swimming pool, and amazing views of the mountains and wildlife surrounding us. A nature lover’s paradise, with beautiful birds, butterflies, cats, dogs, eagles, horses, and lizards galore.


We were all in dire need of our holiday. We had been joking about any disasters which might occur upon our arrival, but were seriously hoping nothing would go wrong. On arrival at Malaga airport the guys went to pick up the rental car, and the girls headed to the taxi rank. We tried our best to describe to our driver where Finca Alexandra actually was. Although we really hadn’t done our homework and our English directions were getting us nowhere. Meanwhile Emily was on the phone to the property owner being advised there was currently no water or electricity at the house. Things were getting stressful!

After a few failed attempts of asking directions on route, we decided to cut our losses and abandon the taxi in the middle of what seemed like millionaires row, in comparison to the humble house we had booked. We walked around in circles in the baking heat, dragging our luggage, and felt completely lost in the middle of the hills.

The boys finally appeared with the car and we managed to reach the house about 1pm. I won’t lie, it was a stressful day and there were some tetchy moments, but the electricity and water was finally restored the following morning. Hallelujah! From that point on we had a fantastic holiday, and the house was really beautiful and charming.


Coin is a really beautiful Spanish town, retaining much of its traditional character and features. The people are warm and friendly. The winding streets are filled with whitewashed buildings and are full of charm.

If there is a big ex-pat British community there, you certainly can’t feel it. That’s a relief in comparison to the resorts of Feungirola and Marbella on the nearby Costa Del Sol. Don’t get me wrong the beaches are nice, with great shopping and variety, but these resorts don’t expose the tourist to the real Spain. I’m really glad we headed for the hills and experienced a truly Spanish holiday, rich in culture, beautiful local food, and of course fantastic company.

Here are a few snaps from our trip!






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