Stylish Summer Sandals

I experienced a slight wardrobe malfunction today.  My outfit isn’t bad, but god knows what I was thinking when I looked outside my window when deciding what to wear this morning and put on a pair of tights, with my otherwise summery attire.  The tights do go but look somewhat out-of-place when surrounded by the people of Glasgow in their summer finest, and bare legs galore. Needless to say by the time lunch came around, I was desperate to rip my tights off.  But then I had another issue.  My shoes don’t look right without tights, not the right style.  So of course I was then armed with the perfect excuse to go on an impromptu shopping trip with my friend Hannah, in the sun to find a pair of sandals.  I managed to snap up a gorgeous silver and metallic blue pair from H&M (pictured below).  I love the futuristic feel with the colour combination, and the simplicity of the style.  At only £7.00 in the sale, they are such a bargain and will be perfect for my holiday.  




2 thoughts on “Stylish Summer Sandals

  1. And that metallic shine is so on top of the trends right now. In a way, your day turned out great because of the tights!

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