June is my favourite month of the year.  Maybe it’s because its my birthday month, and thus reminds me of happy times, parties, and presents galore.  But I think its more than that.  There is definitely a June smell that I love.  The air smells different from May.  The June aroma is summery, floral, and grassy in the mornings.  There’s nothing like it.  And as the day progresses the scent changes to encapsulate freshly cooking barbecues.  Perhaps I love June because it reminds me of finishing up school for the summer holidays, fun-filled summers with the children on the street, and going on holiday, all signifying both freedom and fun.  This June I have loads to be excited about, including my imminent 30th birthday on the 10th, my 30th birthday drinks on the 14th, family parties, and going on holiday to Spain for two weeks with my lovelies.  My darling Jamie is also taking me away on a secret trip on Saturday as part of my birthday celebrations.  We are going away overnight, and apparently I need my bikini.  So hopefully there is a spa facility wherever it might be!  I’m so excited with so much to look forward to this June.  Its going to be a fantastic month.  And hey it might be so good I might forget about the fact I am leaving my twenties behind me…  Happy June to all of you!


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