Gili Islands, Indonesia.

The Gili Islands, just off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia have to be one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places I have ever been.  Jamie and I were on holiday in Bali, travelling around, and had planned a four day trip to the Gili Islands before we arrived.  It took two hours to get there by a fast boat, and the sail there was beautiful and smooth.  

When we approached the island, I was mesmerised by the colours of the water, ranging from aquamarine to turquoise, and deep blue topaz!  The sand is bright white and glistens brightly in the searing, tropical sun.  The islands are all tiny, but Gili T is the biggest, developed and touristy.  Don’t let that put you off however, we stayed there and absolutely loved the place.  Its still very relaxing, and easygoing.  You can do whatever you want, may that be relaxing on the beautiful beaches or taking a stroll round the island, if you can bear the heat.  I recommend lots of water, sunscreen and a hat if you embark on this venture.  Its worth it though, there is a beautiful little Tapas restaurant north of the Island which is really low-key and picturesque.  

There are no cars or motorised vehicles permitted on the Gili Islands, so people get around by walking, cycling, or a small horse and cart. We just walked, I didn’t fancy cycling in that heat on sand tracks.

We went on a snorkelling trip around the coral reef and saw some fantastic fish.  The colours and variety were amazing!  Lets hope it stays that way.  

The accommodation was great. We stayed in a small yet comfortable bungalow a couple of sand tracks back from the beach, which was only about a two minute walk. They were called The Aaliku Bungalows.  The room was beautifully decorated, and simple in style.  There was a huge bathroom, with an outdoor shower, so you could shower under the beautiful starlit sky!  They have their own website displaying lots of photos and rates

The food was amazing, a wide range on offer, and at very reasonable prices.  There was also a range of bars, some more chilled out than others, but on the whole a really good scene.  

If you would like further information about the Gili Islands, these websites are quite good:-

Here’s some pictures from our wonderful trip back in September 2009.











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