Pretty in Pink


Blush like a Ballerina in this beautiful pink, limited edition blusher from No. 7 Boots.  Admittedly, I am a bit of a make-up snob, but I must say No. 7 is a really good high-street alternative to exclusive brands.  Of course I will always stay loyal to Chanel and Mac, my two favourite’s, but my purse was a bit light when I went shopping for some new spring make-up last week, and so I had to find some alternatives.  I was surprised at how well the blusher applied, and it feels really light and silky on my skin.  Its a really soft shade, but you can increase the colour intensity by applying more.  I’ve not had it off since I bought it last week. and have been wearing it with a dewy complexion, brown smoky eyes (I find black way too harsh next to my hair), fluttering lashes, and a lovely new shade of pink lipstick from No. 7 called Waterlilly (below).  It’s really moisturizing  and actually lasts for ages.  I love my new spring sixties make-up look, which is great for day and night!  






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