Hair Savior!

If you haven’t tried L’Oreal Mythic Oil Rich Oil, then you must as soon as possible!  Its been a hair saint for me, and definitely a staple  product in my normal hair routine these days! If you’re blessed with thick, and somewhat unruly hair like me, you will become addicted to this glorious product.  Not only does it protect and nourish your hair, it provides a really sleek and shiny look too.  I use it generously after shampooing and conditioning, but before drying my hair.  I then run some through my hair to finish after straightening/ curling.  Believe me, there ain’t a sign of frizz in sight with this wonder hair product and I would recommend to all.  My sisters both use this product and have a different hair type.  I hear that the full range including shampoos, conditioners etc, are also very good so I need to build up my collection.  If it can make my bleached blonde tresses look shiny and luminous, it can do anything!  




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