Paris February 2013

After a surprise engagement, my fiancé whisked me off to Paris on a romantic city break to celebrate our wonderful news.  Not only was I giddy with excitement about our engagement, I had been longing to go to Paris for ages. I fell in love with the place instantly. Thank you Jamie!  

We stayed in the trendy Marais area, in the deluxe room at L’hotel du Petit Moulin.  It’s a small trendy boutique hotel, at 29 Rue du Poitou.

Our room.

The hotel is decorated throughout by Christian Lacxroix.  Our room was beautiful, and complete with everything we needed.  We were provided with beautiful bath robes, and a fine selection of Hermes bathroom products for the duration of our stay.  The staff were so polite and helpful, I’d thoroughly recommend it as a place to stay for when you’re next in Paris.

The Marais area has so much to offer, from nice restaurants  bars, café’s, to shops and museums.  Plus its really beautiful and great for people watching.  

I love to walk, explore, and consume all of the sights around me, so this is how we navigated ourselves around Paris during our trip.  We walked from the Marais, to Notre Dame, to the Louvre, and then stopped off at the Champs Élysée for a well deserved glass of Pouilly Fume!

Outside the Louvre

Champs Élysée

Champs Élysée

We enjoyed our wine on the terrace and people watched for a while, after which I nipped into Zara to buy another jumper as I wasn’t wearing nearly enough layers.  Jumper on, and feeling more cosy we headed towards the Eiffel Tower.  
Of-course we had to stop off for another glass of wine on the way.  I needed the alcohol bravery.  I’m scared of heights and didn’t appreciate it’s stature until I saw it before me.

It is truly amazing, so I had to go up. I was terrified.  The queue was huge, and it was getting dark. It seemed like ages before we got into the lift to make our ascent to the very top. I couldn’t look out.  I just clung to Jamie’s chest, closed my eye’s and hoped for the best.  

So we finally made it to the top, despite my reservations and I’m pleased to say it was worth it.  The views were incredible.  The lights in every direction were sparkling brightly in the clear, dark sky.  It felt so liberating being up there, looking down at the beautiful, bustling city beneath us.  There were two tiers at the top, one of which was paved with windows to stop the wind and cold attacking you. I managed a quick walk-round of the upper-floor before clambering down for what felt like more security.  

After capturing some photo’s we made our descent, and I repeated my clinging to Jamie/ closing eye ritual until we reached the bottom.  

We had a lovely meal at Les Philosophes in the Marais area, on the Saturday night.  Already a bit tipsy from our lush afternoon, we ordered some Champagne while we tried to translate the menu.  What initially appeared to be a very helpful French waiter, soon transpired to be a fantastic Irish waiter who described the menu to us in detail, and made fine recommendations.  

I had the Watercress soup to start followed by the Confit Duck, a house speciality apparently. I must say, it really was divine   Jamie ordered the French Onion soup, and the Beef Bourguignon, which he devoured with passion.  We then enjoyed some after dinner drinks on the terrace before retiring back to bed.  It was great food, service, reasonably priced, and full of French people, which is always a good sign! 

I have to mention Cafe Charlot in the Marais too.  We had a great brunch there of Eggs Benedict, Orange juice, and Cafe Crème   It was really busy, so service probably a bit on the slow side but that didn’t really matter.  There was plenty to look at around us.  Plus the Eggs Benedict were to die for.

A fantastic trip. I really do love Paris and can’t wait go back and explore more of what it has to offer! Spring? 



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